Metal Made RAM MOUNT Mobile Holder with USB Charger for Motorcycle and Scooter

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Buy Motorcycle Ram Mount Cell Phone USB Charger Online

Ram Mount for bike is not an ordinary mobile holder. It is made by metal & meant for rought terrain motorcycling. Rider often complains on plastic mounts that they easily get broken during bad patch of road. But in case of Ram Mount? No way!!

This mobile mount is available with inbuilt 2amp fast charging USB charger with ON-OFF switch to let you control overcharging your phone.


  1. In the packet you will find rubber belt for additional grip for mobile. 
  2. 2pc of adessive base rubber pad which helps the mount to let not make scratch on your phone's back side.
  3. 2pc terminal rubber cap, in case any of the cap gets damaged by time.


Application of the mount very easy process & not required to take your bike to mechanic. You need to install it at any screw at handle bar or at mirror rod. Just open the screw or mirror & attach with it. The charger has 2 wires (positive & negative). It is direct connection to battery. Take the wire on proper manner to battery & connect it manually. Plug n play process.

Charger has got an On-Off switch. When phone's charging is complete, just turn the switch to OFF.

You are done!

For for details, please watch the product's video.


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