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Order today Madbike motorcycle touchscreen sensitive gloves to make your motor riding journey safe & full of fun

A pair of touchscreen motorcycle gloves is one of the most innovative gloves that allows you to operate your mobile phone wearing gloves. Unlike normal gloves, the Madbike gloves give you the freedom to make a call, type chat and scroll the screen to open an app. You don't need to put off the gloves. You can easily make a call while riding. Since it is not safe, please don't make a call while riding. The touchscreen sensitive gloves are not like an ordinary pair of gloves. Its mechanism is advanced. These gloves are perfect for winter seasons. You don't need to putt off your gloves to operate the phone and your hands' temperature is well maintained.

What is the Mechanism Work for Touchscreen Sensitive Gloves?

The touchscreen is a capacitive screen which uses electricity sense to understand the touch. When a small area of your electricity conductive skin touches the surface, it gives a signal to the screen where your finger is. Insulating cloth doesn't have electricity sense. That is why normal gloves don't work with touchscreen.The Madbike motorcycle touchscreen gloves have conductive thread or yarn that allows the phone screen to work even wearing gloves.

Key Features of Madbike Gloves

  • Crafted carefully with advanced machenism to give flexibility to your fingers
  • Composite fabric and protective plastic materials are used to manufacture the product to give it a long life
  • Special grip enhancer lining on the lower end of the gloves to provide perfect riding grip
  • Repellent against water, oil and dirt
  • Made of genuine rubber with the high-quality material to provide the best grip while riding
  • Knuckle protective shield
  • Comfortable to fit your size
  • The last but not the least thing is that you can make a call, click photos, chat and open apps without putting off your gloves.

Order the exclusive Black Touch Screen Gloves from Riding Kart at an exciting range. It will save your money.

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